Over the past few years, marketing has taken a considerable upturn in terms of widespread understanding and technological advancement. Thanks to said advancement, marketers have found themselves in need of a greater knowledge of digital marketing, which is essential in today’s advertising climate.

Here are some tips to help you get a solid idea of how to integrate digital marketing, and to help those who have already done so step up their game.

1) Think Big

Sometimes, the hardest part of any project is the first step. With so many options for what sort of platform to use and which tactics, it is important to realize that personalizing the customer experience can go a long, long way.

One-way to integrate personalization into digital marketing strategy is by creating methods to understand user behavior. This can be as simple as having users fill out surveys to as complex as tracking what people click on and what they don’t. Real-time content, often updated and always relevant, offers another way to ensure that customers are seeing only relevant and interesting information. Keep it fresh and always adapt.

Personalization, user profiling, and real-time content are all excellent ways to turn a potentially humdrum digital marketing strategy and campaign program into something engaging and exciting.

2) Buyer Personas

Instead of trying to win over buyers, a digital best practice focuses on creating marketing campaigns and tactics based on buyer needs and wants. To create the buyer personas necessary for this, marketers can conduct in-depth interviews with a select group of buyers in order to figure out what worked during the buying process and what didn’t. Marketers should utilize these interviews to find out why the buyers looked for a new option, what they initially considered, and why and how they evaluated those options. Marketers can then use the findings to streamline the journey and respond to customers with what they actually want.

3) Expand the Customer Base

Marketers can use the data generated by current users and customers to find new ones. Utilizing data in this way matches known attributes of current users to potential users on social media. Marketers and agencies can use software to run an analysis on social media users’ behavior and then use that information to figure out interest and how to cater to those interests.

4) New Marketing-Enhancing Data Collection

Instead of some sort of mass collection, it would serve marketers well to look for information specific to their organization. One way to streamline information is a survey or list of questions each user can answer, such as questions about preferences and habits.

Once the questions are established, you need to have some sort of system in place for collecting the answers, rather than manually counting and sorting. This system could include a variety of elements, including call center reps, surveys, and more.

5) Map the Customer Journey

The customer journey involves several parts. These are every place, time, and instance in which the customer comes into contact with your brand, even on a small scale like a one-inch ad in the back page section of a newspaper (but that’s a bad example, don’t actually do that). Mapping this journey helps you, the marketer, to understand the stages and better serve your customers. While mapping the customer journey, it is important to be as thorough as possible.

To map this journey, build a plan for how to react at every stage. Sending out messages and giving opportunities for feedback are excellent strategies, as they let the customer know you care about their journey and their opinion. If you are looking for real-time data on the customer journey, consider a marketing automation platform. They can range from Cadillac versions to a 1999 Civic, so don’t let budget restrict your investigation. There are plenty of small platforms that allow you to automate certain marketing functions, which will help your organization scale more efficiently, and maybe someday you’ll be ready for the Caddy.

6) Personalization Across the Board

Many companies utilize personalized emails but they sometimes counteract the positive effects of this move by keeping the same old generic content on their websites and everywhere else. Think of it this way. You get a coupon or offer to come to your favorite store, but they never have new inventory. Boring, right? Even worse, it limits your interest and ability to transact.

Marketers need to pay attention to the total experience. Some people are first time users; some have plenty of experience, and some fall somewhere in the middle. What interests one group may not interest another, so crafting a content plan that speaks to each step is on ongoing and time consuming process that will pay off in the long run.

7) Don’t Just Sell

If a customer is constantly encouraged to spend their money but encouraged to do little else, they are likely to get tired and might look for another option. We live in a world filled with instant gratification and constant stimulation so you need to stay on your toes to deliver fresh and relevant content.

One way to combat this risk is with a marketing automation platform that will tell you what people search for, click on, and even more importantly, click off of. Another way is to offer opportunities for customer feedback, which makes customers feel much more involved and listened to. Customers may also feel more included if they are introduced to employees and other non-selling activities.

8) Optimizing Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have become a key part of any business, especially ones in which the website plays a major role. To integrate a mobile app into your business, explain to the customer, possibly through email or social, the excitement, value, and portability of having a mobile app. It will also serve you well to highlight key features and benefits of the app.

Instead of creating entirely new content, you can repurpose existing content for the mobile app. However, it is important to tweak that content to best fit the mobile format and be streamlined and efficient.

Once the app is established, it would be useful to make sure that the data generated by it is accessible from elsewhere so that you can access and analyze it to better serve customers.

9) Incorporating Video

While some do, not everyone enjoys reading their marketing content. Utilizing the informative and thought-provoking powers of video is a smart way to offer an alternative content language.

Thanks to technological advancement like faster internet connection speeds and cheaper data plans, it is now much more feasible to integrate video content into everyday marketing. Tools like iPads, iPhones and other small hand help recording devices also make it easier to create videos. We always tell clients that we don’t need Michael Bay budgets and effects, just a solid script, a plan, and content that is memorable.

By integrating more video into your marketing strategy, you are making your content accessible for even more customers.

10) Build Deeper Connections

Transactional emails, such as those sent out after a customer makes a purchase thanking them for their business do not have to contain only transaction information. They can also be used to educate and build deeper connections with customers.

Any relevant information can be included in transactional emails. For example, if they purchase a new pair of running shoes, you may want to send them more information about local running clubs or an upcoming marathon.

Build Deeper Connections

The best digital marketing practices are based on how relevant content is to customers. As technologies and attention spans change, marketers and marketing strategies must evolve with the trends. Build a content plan based on buyer personas, write it in pencil, act on that plan, monitor, and then refine.


If putting this plan into motion makes you:

A: Excited and ready to get some help, call us.

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C: Indifferent because it probably won’t work anyway, call us.

  1. You just threw up in your mouth a little thinking about it, rinse out your mouth and call us.


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