As part of the Blackstone Launchpad and Hubspot Training, we have had the privilege of working with Jason Trueblood from Boondock Waterfowl. Jason makes a durable decoy rigging system which he sells online and through wholesale accounts. The product is relatively simple but extremely well executed. 

Jason is killing it with Hubspot and his content marketing practice. He is proving that if you put in the work and dedicate time and effort to a consistent content marketing practice, sales and customer engagement will follow.

Jason is also a scrappy entrepreneur who works hard and is very resourceful. That is innate, and we are fortunate that he comes with a built-in work ethic. He embraced the content marketing methodology wholeheartedly and is committed to growing his business in a very strategic and thoughtful way. He is not tempted by instant gratification or blackhat tactics that lure brands in their little effort equal big results bullshit.

Jason did his research and knew he wanted a content platform that would help his business scale. He joined Hubspot in December. Marketing agencies in Bozeman who use Hubspot, are slim, so through his connections to Les Craig and the Blackstone Launchpad at Montana State Univeristy, Jason was introduced to Total BS, and we have been working with him to utilize the software to its potential.

At Total BS, we use Hubspot for our own inbound efforts, as well as for clients. Marketers that come to us for content and expect immediate results are a bad combo. Jason however, was completely open to our three step process and as we come to the conclusion of the training, his site traffic is up, organic search is building for over ten keywords, and he has a firm content marketing strategy for the rest of the year. 

Here's how we did it

Step 1:

Our first step with any content focused client is the strategy. Without a roadmap, you send clients on a treasure hunt, but they will never find the goods. Early strategy sessions work through identifying buyer personas, because if you don't know who your customer is, you can't create content that resonates. The next step involves keyword research to identify opportunities for quick movement in SERP's and a longer strategy that will position clients for an increase in organic contacts and conversion. 

Finally, we look at the brand as a whole and identify opportunities to strengthen branding, messaging, and all current touchpoints for the client. For Boondock Waterfowl, we reviewed the entire customer journey online and made significant shifts to the site. We have moved his current site to the Hubspot Content Optimization System (COS), so he has a streamlined dashboard for reporting on all activities. We also walked through each page, adding relevant content that matched back to the SEO strategy. Finally, we created a more seamless shopping environment with updates to category pages, shopping navigation, and product page enhancements.

Jason will be launching his new site on the COS platform in the next couple of weeks, and his website (or Hub as we like to call it) will be totally dialed for content generation and measurement.

Step 2: 
Content Creation 

Next we moved into content creation and planning. Using the keywords that we had identified, Jason came up with a three-month content schedule that would be both SEO relevant and more importantly, directly related to his buyer persona needs and wants. We always stress that content lives on the brand's website first, and then we identify a publishing schedule to get the content out to a larger fan base. Since Jason has already been active on social media and had a decent following, he uses social media as publishing channels. He also uses the Hubspot ESP (Email Service Provider) to push content to users that have signed up for updates and announcements.

Jason created a content strategy that has a great mix of longer story format posts, combined with how to's, top tens, and insider tips and tricks. One of his most successful content ventures to date has been a blog post entitled, "20 Signs You Are a Duck Hunter." This post was a list format that was smart, funny, and perfectly aligned to his key demo. This post equaled over 2K views, spiking traffic upwards of 2000%, and generating the highest amount of social interaction to date. We know this because the Hubspot tool was giving Jason real-time data. That data told Jason his post was a hit, and he created a part 2 post that was also very successful. When content is successful, keep it coming.

Jason continues to blog at a rate of 2x's per week, and currently, he is making moves to capture the top spots for key terms like decoy rigging, duck decoy rigging, and durable decoy rigging. Jason has a strategic plan to go after these key terms now, so once hunting season approaches and search volume increases for duck hunting gadgets, Boondock will be sitting in those coveted top three spots.
Jason is proof that committing to strategic content will increase brand credibility, which leads to new customers and conversion. 

Jason is poised to quadruple his business from last year and has already made significant headway in sales efforts and marketing qualified leads.

Jason has a national product, so his time and energy is critical to competing in a highly competitive digital landscape. We also work with local and regional products that have seen tremendous success with content because Montana marketers and brands have been slower to adopt content as a viable marketing strategy. Local businesses that want to capture organic search opportunities have been climbing the rankings in less than a few short months. Just a few posts a week and they are trumping competition that has not been progressive with content marketing tactics.

Content works. We see it with clients, and we see it with our Total BS brand. Bozeman marketing agencies are also not currently putting content at the forefront of business development and brand awareness. There can be a misconception that you have to keep all of your knowledge bottled up and only serve it to those who are going to give you money. The opposite is true for inbound, which encourages free sharing of tips, tricks, and helpful articles as a way to naturally attract customers. We're not saying we are the only marketing agency in Bozeman that has relevancy, but more to prove that regardless of the industry, product, service or location, content drives results and customers.

There's room for everyone to play. The beauty of content is that while SEO is a factor, telling stories is an even bigger factor. Every brand has unique stories to tell. Staying true to your brand and telling your story in an authentic and engaging way is one of the most rewarding and exciting marketing challenges. 

If you are looking for a more strategic and sustainable marketing methodology to gain new leads and sales, take a serious look at content marketing, and specifically Hubspot. They are pioneers in this movement, and we are thrilled to have a Bozeman-based marketing agency that is leading the charge in the west.