Content creation is a fantastical and furious endeavor. Every business struggles with it—keeping up with trends, the creation of content itself, and trying to stay true to both creativity and value for your customers. It’s easy to get off track or overstretched. With some savvy content creation magic, however, you can be even a small startup and create a huge impact. The secret? Create intelligent reusable content.

What’s that mean exactly? In the weekly grind of content creation, we may think we need to reinvent the wheel every time we sit down to create new content. Many companies do, and it’s a rough go. The secret path out of that labyrinth is the “One to Many” strategy. In mathematics, it’s called the Multivalued Function where “one input is associated with multiple (two or more) outputs.” ( In content creation terms that mean creating once, then reimagining it in a thousand other ways. Let me tell you; this is Harry Potter shit that will rock your world.

The Cats and Pearl Jam Conspiracy

Let’s say you create a YouTube video about how using cat pictures and Pearl Jam music as a backdrop for marketing your business will give you a 10x ROI more than any other activity you could ever do. (You can hardly believe it yourself but your years of research check out, and the Muggle world must know!). Ok, so you have the “One”—the first piece of content (the YouTube video). An old school content marketer would publish the video then move on to thinking about other content they may be able to produce. But not you! You know the “One to Many” secret. After the video is published you automatically transcribe it and create a white paper from it. You embed that on your website to gain more subscribers and get the truth out into the world.

Next, you take all the best quotes from the transcribed white paper and put together a Twitter schedule where you Tweet out the quotes for the next few days/weeks (using lots of key hashtags, of course). Then you take the high-level data from the video and put it into an easy to understand infographic and publish it everywhere you can. Are you getting the picture now? The “One to Many” is delightfully magical.

Next Gen Content Magic

This kind of approach is next gen stuff, helping even the smallest startup expand their content marketing footprint quickly and powerfully. It will also save you tons of time. As Ann Rockley of Content Marketing Institute writes, “Stop rewriting; stop doing the same things over and over again. Stop wasting your time; design and develop intelligent content. Figure the structure out, pour your content into it, automatically extract content as needed, publish it everywhere! Spend your time on the part that adds value: the content (and yes, that means the creativity)!” (  The key to remember here, though, is to create a system for your brand within this “One to Many” strategy. (System building is one of the vital magical ingredients in this strategy spell).

Start by mapping out the type of content you can create. In the beginning, you may not have the bandwidth or resources to create a video or an infographic, for example—but maybe just a blog and using social media.  If you start with just a blog, next map out all the ways you can turn that one piece of content into many more content marketing opportunities across all the platforms your brand plays on. The key is to create a system you can turn upside down or sideways and still quickly and easily apply the magical “One to Many” content strategy. Don’t be afraid to be creative and experimental. Be watchful and the magic will reveal its genuine marketing powers to you.

And finally, always create for humans first and search engines second. Even if you create 50 pieces of content from one starter piece, if the content sucks, well, it’s going to result in poor ROI then, too. Create value, be helpful, interesting, and fun. The “One to Many” is for escalating value, not watering it down. Remember this and you’ll be a content creation wizard before you can say “Tarantallegra!” From Hogsmeade (actually Bozeman, Montana), this is Total BS apparting out yo!