Here is a classic example of a marketing professional not hitting the mark:

Dan works for a medium sized custom printing company. Dan is marketing literate—for the most part. He has a hard time customizing content for each of his company’s buyer personas. He has no idea whether or not people are opening his emails, and he is promoting his content on social media, but no one seems to ever “like” it. So, Dan does some research on tools to help him market and analyze his efforts more effectively. He discovers the world of marketing automation.

Mind Blown!


Now that Dan has a wealth of knowledge on marketing automation he takes a polished presentation to his boss, Andy, and explains how he can make it ROI. Andy is convinced, and they decide on a marketing automation platform together. They implement the software, learn how to use it, and train the rest of the team. Then, Dan’s productivity comes to a screeching halt, because no one ever told Dan how to use marketing automation software in conjunction with content marketing.

 If you get nothing else from this blog post, read this:

Marketing Automation tools are a waste of your time if your not producing quality content. A marketing automation tool is a powerful machine, but content (copywriting, design, and videos) is the fuel that keeps the machine running. Fill your machine with blog posts, e-books, infographics, case studies, videos, memes, etc.

It’s like paying a gym membership without ever actually going to the gym. If you don’t use the tool to its fullest potential, you’re not going to benefit from it.

Creating high quality, user-targeted content is not easy. That’s where marketing firms specializing in content marketing come in! They will help you use your marketing automation tool to its fullest by coaching you on how to create content for each user persona. 

Check out our blog post about it! 

Understanding the value of marketing automation is not hard, producing good content to funnel through the tool is. Here’s how it should work:

  1. Contact someone that specializes in content marketing, listen to their pitch about content marketing, and decide who is right for you
  2. Create high quality, user-targeted content
  3. Set up rules within your marketing automation tool to help you nurture your leads with that content
  4. Convert leads
  5. Smile

 Nice work, Dan!