Best of the Best: Inbound Marketing Infographics

We’re guessing that you’ve probably noticed infographics popping up everywhere in the past few years. They are being used to communicate everything from products and services to social and political issues. Infographics are a strong content channel used to demonstrate complex concepts through a mixture of words and images.

Visual content is just as important as verbal content. Customers speak multiple content languages; some might prefer a blog post that consists primarily of words while others might need a more lean interpretation that guides them with icons and pictures. The best content marketing strategy incorporates a variety of content types, and infographics are a great place to start when you need to balance content languages.

We thought we’d share a few of our favorites that help to explain one of our most beloved concepts—inbound marketing. Enjoy!


Hubspot never lets us down with their range of inbound expertise and content excellence. This fantastic infographic explains—wait for it—infographics! It’s like infographics inception. It does a fantastic job of demonstrating why infographics are such a successful marketing tool and how they can help generate visitors and new customers.



AXZM’s approach helps to explain the “elements” of inbound marketing. It uses an interesting mix of earthy, clean design with blocky, business-like iconography to create a solid layout and informational structure.



The folks at Edge Media have reimagined the sales funnel with something reminiscent of an old school science lab poster. Creating a compelling infographic is a science, so well played, Edge Media, well played.



Staying with the scientific theme, we give a second shout out to Hubspot. With a hefty amount of information, it sums up the evolution of inbound marketing with a slick graphically driven timeline that is universally appealing.



Marketo, another favorite at Total BS Media, has managed to chunk out each key section on the subjects of inbound and outbound marketing into a clever and very cohesive design. At first glance, it seems like a lot to take in, but the flow of design and color set the reader on the right path.


Extra Credit (For Cuteness)

Uberflip created an adorable infographic that breaks down characteristics of a great content marketer. It uses hand drawn elements, a consistent color palette, and large headlines to guide the reader from top to bottom.