Did you know it takes someone seven seconds to develop a first impression? Good graphic design in any content marketing strategy can help make sure you stand out to future customers. It can effectively communicate your brand in a clean and professional manner. Inbound marketing or content marketing is all about providing value, so your design should live up to that requirement as well.

So what makes up the elements of good design?

We live in an extremely visual world and often images, be it photos or curated graphics, are the first thing a consumer notices. Ads, websites, social media posts, and images are what grab the attention of a customer. The more interesting and captivating the images are, the more likely they are to stick around to see what you offer. 

The use of typography can make a big difference in your brand image. Hastily choosing fonts and not paying much mind to they layout and hierarchy of your information can result in your brand coming off as cheap and lazy. Font choices that are clear and well organized can immediately make you appear more professional and experienced.

If you have ever taken an art class, you surely have come across the idea that color is linked to emotion. Choosing a color or color scheme for your brand is crucial to how you will be perceived. Choose colors that embody the personality of your business. Are you young and fun? Sunny schemes with yellows and oranges are a good choice. Or are you a little calmer and welcoming? Blues, greens, and purples are going to do the trick. Choosing one color and pairing it with a dominating black and supporting dark grey can help give your brand a sleek and professional look.

Designing for Successful Content Marketing

Ads don't often leave room to get your message across. Here is where your imagery and organization of text hierarchy comes into play. Your information must be clear and concise, and your images and graphics need to make sense for the audience you are targeting to ensure you are attracting the right kind of attention. 

Here we come back to the seven-second first impression. If your website is cluttered and unorganized or full of large chunks of text without a visual break, chances are people aren't going to stick around long enough for you to convince them to do anything. People tend to be more willing to read short sentences then commit to a large, unbroken paragraph, so organize your information into digestible chunks and make sure your headings and subheadings are clear and easy to understand. Bullet points can also be a great way to present information in a consumable fashion.

Call to Action
CTA buttons should be bold, colorful, and placed throughout your website. Once clicked, they should take they user to a landing page that is simple and easy to understand so they will feel compelled to enter their information.

Landing Pages
Again, think about simple design with only the necessary information needed to guide the consumer to convert. Make sure both your CTA buttons and your landing pages are consistent with your website to successfully convey your brand identity. 

There are countless ways design can help your business with content marketing; these are just a few important points to help get you started. Working closely with a graphic designer can help make sure your brand is consistent with its identity across all platforms. You will end up attracting attention from the right audience to grow your business.