Let’s start with some background on my generation, Gen Y. We were born between 1977-1994. We are rapid communicators who use various technology mediums to converse, constantly. We make up the fastest growing demographic in the workplace and marketplace.

Here are some highlights that impact how, when, and where we consume:

  1. Spending power dictates almost every decision we make. We are shopping for quality—think kale, craft beer, and hand tooled leather iPhone cases.
  2. Timing is everything. We are conditioned to think that everything should be instantaneous. Everything!
  3. Unprecedented influential power on the interwebs i.e. social media as a main source of information.


Our generation is not only tech savvy, we are tech dependent. As a tech dependent-generation, we are extremely well-informed consumers. What does this mean? We’re reading (sort of) about products and services before we purchase. We are the largest group of digital content consumers, meaning that we aren’t dying to spend four hours on a forum about World of Warcraft, but we would text, tweet and post about it.

Because of our understanding of technology, we are good at finding the information we need and finding it quickly. With that said, we see thousands of advertisements every single day. Thus, making content that is attractive and influential is paramount.

We want to consume videos, infographics, memes, and 140 character tweets that blow our minds. Short and snappy copywriting is the best way to reach us and connect with us. This puts marketers in a good place to heavily influence us with content marketing.



Appealing to us is all about creating relevant, timely, and quality content. Conveniently, these are pretty much the old trusty’s of successful content marketing. Need to brush up? WTF is content marketing?

Content marketing strategy is at a point in its life where it is aligning perfectly with what the emerging market wants. If I were a betting man, I’d choose content marketing to target me every time.