(All together now, in the key of “My Favorite Things,”channel your inner Julie Andrews people!)

Rankings on Google and mentions on Twitter
Bright shiny SERPs and warm social shout outs
Keyword ranking all tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things!

When the ranks go down, when the boss screams
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad.

At Total BS Media, we have a couple of tools that we use on a regular basis that we couldn’t market without. In the spirit of giving thanks, we would like to thank some of our trusty tools and share them with you. We hope they become your trusty marketing tools too!

  1. Hubspot Website Grader  This handy, free tool gives you a glimpse into the health and wellbeing of your website. Your site is graded on performance, mobile responsiveness, SEO, and security. It also gives you a brief description of what each analysis means in terms even my mom could understand (no offense Janie) and next steps for correcting any errors or shortcomings.


  1. Google PageSpeed Insights This Google tool measures the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop. Why is this important? Page load speeds can affect rank and conversion. We have all come to expect a certain speediness when it comes to websites.Page speed is important to Google because it provides a better user experience, something they care very much about.


  1. Moz Bar Not quite as good as a Mars Bar, but a very close second. This handy toolbar allows you to instantly see the page authority, domain authority, search engine results with detailed metrics, social metrics for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, and much more. If you can fork over the Benjamin’s for the paid version of Moz, the features get even better. Think keyword volume and difficulty estimates.


  1. Google Alerts  Setting Google Alerts for your business, your clients, your competitors, and industries that you are interested in is a free and automated way to find out who is talking about you. Stay in the know on topics that interest you or topics that you frequently search by setting up a Google Alert, and let that information come directly to your inbox. This is also a great public relations tool that is free. Some PR firms charge for services similar to this. Check out a couple of Total BS’s Google Alerts.  


  1. The Readability Test Tool This tool is awesome. It gives you a breakdown of your sites readability, sentence count, the number of words, and much more. It also does a great job explaining what each test means. Use this tool to test some of your most popular content on your site against a piece of less popular content. It could provide you with valuable insights into why one page is outperforming another.

I hope these free marketing tools will aid in your day-to-day marketing ventures and I think they may become a few of your favorite things.