As we all know, mobile is changing the marketing landscape in fast, dramatic ways. As reported by Marchex ( time spent using mobile devices has grown an astounding 700% in just five years (between 2010 and 2015)! With that in mind, it becomes ever clearer we must continually optimize our mobile (and all) marketing strategies.

When we think “marketing” we might typically think of the big picture (“macro-marketing”) efforts we make to connect with our customers. This might manifest as social media marketing, online (or offline) ads, content marketing or press releases, for example. A new “marketing kid on the block” is now gaining exponential strength, however. With the explosion of mobile, the opportunity for micro-moment marketing is becoming a new industry standard and expectation from customers. These micro-moments are a brand’s opportunity to connect with someone throughout their day, anywhere and everywhere they go. Wherever their phone goes, so also your brand can go, establishing trust, loyalty, and awareness. It’s a phenomenal situation and opportunity all brands are just waking up to.

As Google's director of ads marketing, Matt Lawson, writes, “While micro-moments create countless opportunities to meaningfully connect with people, many marketers have one simple question: Which moments are worth going after?” ( Indeed, it’s not just about connecting with customers—it’s about connecting with them at the right times and in the right ways that make a difference in their lives. To find those perfect micro-moments and win your customer’s hearts, focus on answering these five questions:

What are your customer’s top mobile-centric searches?

Did you know that “mobile makes up 88% of all "near me" searches, with those mobile searches growing at 146% year over year”? ( The first thing to do here is then to find out what your customers are searching for on their mobile devices related to your brand (directly or indirectly via keyword searches). If you run a restaurant, for example, and you discover that the biggest thing your customers are searching for is hours and location, you have an opportunity to create optimized content that will answer those questions straight away. It’s a reminder, too, to make sure you’re fully optimized with “near me” tools like Google My Business ( A customer that is looking for your store hours and the information being instantly available is a micro-moment opportunity that helps make your brand shine.

What are the most popular questions asked of your brand?

From customer service to engineering, gather all team members together that have contact with customers and find out what the most frequently asked questions are. On top of that, have your marketing team look into what the most common search queries (beginning with words like "what," "when," and "how") are for your company or niche. Empowered with these answers, create content (blogs, videos, and infographics, etc.) that respond to these questions. It’s in this area that you can be the go-to authority on all the questions your potential (and current) customers may be asking. Be sure to check the device these questions are being asked about on as well. For example, if “How do I make the perfect omelet” is a top search on mobile for your brand, consider creating a quick video series on making the perfect omelet. What your customers are asking are micro-moment opportunities for your brand to be there to save the day.

What can you do to improve and update your consumer surveys (and use them in the first place)?

Surveys are a tried and true way to discover micro-moment opportunities. While it might seem old-school or invasive, you might be surprised how much you can learn and how willing people are to help you make your business better. Tools like Google Consumer Surveys ( or micro questionnaires integrated with your website like IgniteFeedback are excellent places to start gathering better data. Focus on the where, when and why your customers are using mobile to get answers. If you make it stupid easy for them to answer, you’ll learn a lot. If you find out, for example, that most people are discovering your brand through word of mouth, you can set up a mobile optimized referral program. The possibilities are limitless!

What can your entire team together tell you about customer journey insights?

With your whole team, take a fresh look at your customer’s entire journey with your brand. Map out every touch point they may encounter from business cards to the website to customer follow-up. Are all these touch points consistent and as helpful (and exceptional!) as they could be? Are there any missing touch points that should be there?

Now dive into where and how a customer would use their mobile device to interact with each touch point. Where are the micro-moments in which you might be able to be the hero? For further insights, look into the four primary types of micro-moments—I-want-to-knowI-want-to-goI-want-to-do, and I-want-to-buy. It can take considerable effort to go deep into reevaluating the customer journey like this, but with it, you’ll gain new insight into how to win in the massive micro-moments opportunity.

How can you experiment with in-store interviews to enhance your brand insights?

Phones are too often seen as the enemy when it comes to retail locations. Owners fear users might use their phones to compare prices and leave if they see something cheaper elsewhere. This definitely happens. But the key here is to see the phone as an opportunity rather than a threat. Cosmetic giant Sephora interviewed their customers ( about how they were using their phones in stores and discovered a huge micro-moment marketing opportunity. Their customers were using their phone to try and find product reviews or which lipstick they bought last. It was an “ah-ha” discovery for Sephora. They created a specialized app for their customer to help answer all these questions and more. Now Sephora is a micro-moment hero every time their customers open the app.

When done right, micro-moment marketing can have macro results for your brand. The mobile phone is the new “going-everywhere” marketing real-estate that every brand needs to begin taking ownership of.  It’s a whole new jungle to explore but by following these 5 tips, you’ll be winning customer hearts and minds throughout every day’s micro moments in no time. Go forth and conquer!