This week marked a milestone in Total BS history. Like any momentous occasion, the event was filled with a range of emotions. In a remarkably short 24-hour period, I experienced excitement, anxiety, cold sweats, nervous laughter and a slight twinge of rage. What could possibly fuel this range of emotions you ask?

Launching a website.

The following is communication leading up to the crash between Co-Founders, Brit and Sarah, and web guru Kelly Grenz.

All messages were transmitted in text form, phone calls or voice mails have not been released due to their graphic nature.

This was early. Things were being finalized, and the site is almost complete.


The portfolio is looking great, just a few tweaks and then it’s ready.


Domains are all set up, and now they just need to connect.


There are a few more last minutes tweaks with the code; Kelly is messaged to fix it before the morning.


Everything is fixed, and it looks awesome. There’s still one domain straggler that we need to route to the new site, but no worries Brit and Sarah can do that.

6 text.png

Brit and Sarah make last creative changes. Jo, a graphic designer, is sending the new home page image, and we are formatting the blog. Still need to figure out that rogue domain from above. On to that next…

7 text.png

Prayers are said.

(The Patron Saint of domains is Go Daddy.)


Sarah uploads a video for the portfolio page and Brit confirms it’s awesome. The blog is also ready for launch. Time to turn in and go to bed before the big day.


This is probably the most critical of all the communications.

Early Wednesday morning, the communication starts out with a small issue, then the issue seems to be resolved, oh no, the issue is not resolved and actually more critical than originally thought, back-ups are brought in, the site is spiraling and losing altitude, the site is down.